Website update

We are very proud to announce V2 of our website!

Besides some minor layout and content changes for the site the news section has got some major rework. It now features a better layout for the news items and also the news archive has been reworked.

And finally, we are introducing a blog for our website. This blog will feature articles about hopefully interesting subjects like software development, the iPhone and the Mac and some other stuff which might be interesting for you. The blog also has a comment section and we are really looking forward to hearing from you.

Another thing which kept us busy last week was upgrading iRay and Virtual Voodoo. Through the integration of the latest cocos2d release both application gained a better performance. Virtual Voodoo also got a new feature which will now let you take photos of your voodoo doll which is very cool indeed. Both applications are under review now and will hopefully appear in the App Store very soon.