iRay Mobile X-Ray
Version 1.4.2
iPhone / iPod touch - iOS 2.2.1 or later
- iOS 11 is not supported -

iRay turns your iPhone/iPod touch into a mobile x-ray device to impress your friends. OK actually this application is only a mobile trick and as your device can't generate any X-radiation no one will get harmed but your friends will be still impressed.

iRay YouTube



  • Adjustable X-Ray picture size
  • Adjustable accelerator sensitivity
  • Flip X-Ray picture. So you can use it on either left or right hands

How it works

You can control the movement of the x-ray picture of a right hand by slightly tilting your device. Now move your device above the victim's hand (you can use your own hand if you want) following the picture on the screen. But remember: as for any magic trick you have to practice and you have to think of a story to sell it!