Virtual Voodoo

Are you sitting in a boring meeting, or do you just had a disappointing discussion with your boss, or do you just want to win the love of your beloved friend or girlfriend? Then you need Virtual Voodoo! Now you can use this Virtual Voodoo doll to achieve your goals by sending a Voodoo spell to someone. Of course you can use Virtual Voodoo to have just some fun and spend some time by throwing and shaking the doll around.


With Virtual Voodoo you can use the full power of the New Orleans Voodoo. No matter if you are seeking for love or you want to send some bad vibes to someone, you can do it. You don’t know the meaning of the different Voodoo pins? No problem just touch a pin for a while and the meaning of this pin is shown.

To make it even more efficient you can personalize the doll with a photo from your photo album or take a new one with your camera (iPhone only). After that use the built in screenshot feature to take a photo of your doll to send to your friend or victim.

Use the built in accelerometer or the touchscreen of your iPhone or iPod touch to push the doll around for maximizing your Voodoo spell or use it just as a stress relieve.

During our extensive testing of this application no Voodoo dolls or humans have been hurt ;-)

Howto practice Voodoo

Virtual Voodoo uses the pin colors according to the rules of New Orleans Voodoo. To get more info just visit wikiHow.

Just grab a pin and concentrate on the person and the symbolism of the pin and stick it on the Voodoo doll.

The colors have the following meanings:

  • yellow: success
  • white: positive energy
  • red: power
  • purple: spirituality
  • green: money
  • blue: love
  • black: negative energy

There is one color missing, we left out the pink pin because it symbolizes “death” and we didn’t want that in our application.