23 Oct 2013

Converting OpenMeta tags to Mavericks tags

Posted on October 23, 2013

Tags have finally arrived in OS X! The new OS X version Mavericks which Apple released yesterday has a nice tagging feature integrated into spotlight and the finder.

Till now I was using OpenMeta based tagging to give my files a better structure. To be able to use the old tags in Mavericks I wrote a little script which converts all OpenMeta tags into Mavericks tags.

You can run the script by executing the following command in the terminal:

curl -L https://gist.github.com/code2k/7124301/raw/8f03e847ef68b198bee7a241cf11cf0155a08a91/convertOM2OSXTags.sh|bash

The old OpenMeta tags will not be deleted from your files. So you will be still be able to use your old tools.